Start working two of the Fastest growing bands
with these great features:

  • 222MHz 5/2/0.8/0.3W, 902MHz 2.5/0.8/0.3W max output with a standard Li-ion pack.
  • Selectable full duplex system allows operation of main band and sub (Receive-only) band simultaneously
  • Independent dials for main and sub band
  • Rugged polycarbonate body resists dirt and dust
  • High-grade water-resistant materials compatible to IPX7
  • Alinco's unique user-selectable PTT delay option eliminates the annoying squelch tail noise that some repeaters retransmit at the end of receiving non-reverse burst tone-encoded CTCSS signals
  • Great audio with large 32mm internal speaker
  • Easy-to-read backlit alphanumeric display
  • Large screen full-matrix LCD with easy-to-read icons and battery charge level
  • Patented "ChannelScope" function allows visual monitoring of nearby signals
  • "Wild key" lets you quickly change to frequently used setting
  • 39 CTCSS tone squelch (encode + decode) and 104 DCS
  • Keypad selectable wide / narrow bandwidth and mic gain
  • Keypad selectable multi-step receiver attenuator
  • Cloning capability between DJ-G29T units or through PC (optional cable needed)
  • Quick-write memory channels
  • Direct frequency input through illuminated keypad
  • DTMF encode and auto-dialer
  • 500 Memories with memory banks
  • Automatic repeater-setting function
  • Keylock function
  • Multiple scan functions: VFO, Memory, Program, Tone, DCS & Sweep
  • Crossband repeater feature

    About IPX7 Designation
    The IPX7 designation provides for limited waterproofing of the radio. The specifications are immersion in one meter (approx 3ft) of still sweet water for up to 30 minutes. This compatibility is factory guaranteed for a period of one year provided all the jack covers are securely in place, any accessories connected must be genuine Alinco water-proof accessories and the radio has not been disassembled by the customer. The factory has tested and made the equipment compatible to IPX7 certification during engineering. However, please understand that this equipment is NOT certified IPX7 compliant but is designed to remain operational when used in rain, severe weather or in accidental cases of dropping it in water when used in extreme conditions and is in no way stating that you should attempt use the radio under water or submerge the radio for cleaning. Warranty will not cover radios that are water / salt damage due to negligence or misuse of the product.


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Frequency range:
TX(Main band)F 222.000 - 224.995MHz 902.000 - 927.995MHz
RX only (Main/Sub band)F 216.000 - 249.995MHz 902.000 - 927.995MHz
Cellular frequencies 824.000 - 849.995MHz, 869.000 - 894.995MHz blocked.
Memory channel:
500 channels + 1 call channel per ham bands+50 programmed-scan pairs+100 dual-memory+100 priority+100 serch-pass
Antenna impedance:
50 ohm unbalanced
Frequency stability:
+/- 2.5ppm
Supply voltage:
DC 7.4V (EBP-73 Li-Ion battery pack) / DC 9 - 16V (external regulated source)
Current consumption:
(Typical value)
TX approx. 1.7A/222MHz, 1.7A/902MHz
RX approx. 200mA dual-receive, 150mA mono-receive
Battery save (1:4) approx. average: Dual 56mA / Single 50mA
Temperature range:
-10 to +45 degrees C. (+14 to 113 F)
(W x H x D Projections exclusive): 60 x 115 x 30 mm or 2.36 x 4.53 x 1.18 in.
(Antenna/EBP-73 inclusive): Approx. 296 g /9.55 oz
Power output:
DC13.8V: 222MHz 5/2/1/0.3W, 902MHz 2.5/1/0.3W
EBP-73 (Max. approx.): 222MHz 5/2/0.8/0.3W, 902MHz 2.5/0.8/0.3W
4 x AA cells (Max. approx.): 222MHz 2W, 902MHz 1.5W
Variable reactance
Spurious emission:
-60db or less
Max. Deviation:
+/- 5kHz
Mic. impedance:
2K ohms
Double-conversion super heterodyne
Main band:
222MHz ham-radio bands -15dBu
902MHz ham-radio bands -13dBu
Sub band:
222MHz ham-radio bands -15dBu
902MHz ham-radio bands -15dBu
Intermediate frequency:
Main-band 51.65MHz / 450KHz
Sub-band 50.75MHz / 450KHz
-6dB 12KHz or more / -60dB 35KHz or less
AF output:
400mW (8ohm 10%THD)
Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation. Specifications apply to Amateur Radio bands only. Permits required for MARS use. Product intended for use by properly licensed operators. Wide band receive related specification is for T-version only.800MHz cell-phones frequencies blocked on T version. RoHS compliant.
  • EBP-73 Li-Ion Battery Pack 1200mAh 7.4V
  • EDC-173 Drop-In Charger stand
  • EDC-170 AC Adapter for EDC-173 charger (not for AC operation)
  • EA-203 Antenna
  • EBC-23 Beltclip
  • Handstrap
    (Please be advised that EDH-35 dry-cell case is not included in the packages.)

  • EDC-36 ------------ Cigarette Cable with filter
  • EDC-43 ------------ Cigarette Cable with charger
  • EDH-35 ------------ Dry Cell Case
  • EDS-10/EDS-14 --- Plug Conversion Cable
  • EDS-11 ------------ Cloning Cable
  • EME-32A ---------- Earphone/Mic (heavy duty)
  • EMS-62 ------------ Speaker Mic
  • ERW-4C ----------- PC Interface Cable (Serial)
  • ERW-7 ------------- PC Interface Cable (USB)
  • ESC-50 ------------ Soft Case
Accessories may differ depending on the versions. Please contact your dealer for standard accessories and warranty-policy.

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