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This software (a freeware) is for applicable model(s) indicated above. The software detailed below is provided to those who agree to the terms of the software license. When the user selects and clicks download link, agreement to the terms of the software license is inferred and the user is bound by the terms of Alinco,Inc (hereafter "Alinco") License Agreement. Be sure that you have read and understand the terms of the license agreement before initiating the download of this software.

An ERW-7 or ERW-4C PC connection cable and an EDS-10 or EDS-14 plug-conversion cables are necessary to perform this update. These cables can be used for the firmware updates.

The firmware update is necessary to fully enjoy the performance of your DJ-G29T and the utility program.

Please download the Zip file from the link below. Unzip it and put the installer file to a directory of your preference.

[Installation and Uninstallation]
Click the installation file and follow the instruction. A short-cut icon will be displayed on the desktop. In case of an update, please uninstall older versions through Add / Remove Programs in Windows Control Panel BEFORE installing the new version.

Please be sure to install driver software of ERW-7 before start using it (Windows 7 may not require a manual install of the driver).
Please check Windows system menu>device manager to make sure the port assignment of the cable. [Port(COM and LPT)>USB Serial Port (COM*)]
Mount the EDS-14 or EDS-10 cable to the DJ-G29T's accessory port. Be sure to securely screw it all the way down.
By using the conversion plug, connect the ERW-7/ERW-4 plug to EDS-14/10's smaller jack (microphone port).
Turn on the DJ-G29T. Press and hold MONI key then press PTT 3 times to enter to the clone mode. "CLONE 57600pbs" will be displayed.
Click on the short-cut icon, the program window will pop up, then select the COM port assignment in the tool-bar > COM-port menu.

The most common causes of troubles are COM-PORT setting related or an eventual use of USB-serial conversion cable with ERW-4C. In case the software does not work properly using USB port, please replace the conversion cable or use a serial port. The ERW-7 is also available for direct connection to USB port without using a conversion cable. Please be advised that the frequency-editing columns accept only ASCII-coded numbers and period. Other characters will be disregarded or can't be entered. If error occurs during the cloning operation, just turn off the G29T, reset it and retry. Unlike firmware update, the com-error of cloning won't cause troubles to the operation of DJ-G29T.

In case you may encounter an error-message during the cloning. In such event, please check the COM-port property of "USB serial port(COM*)" from the device manager program of your OS. Open the "advanced setting" window from the port setting tab of the property window and set higher number at the BM option parameter.

Please be advised that this utility is much slower than other Alinco editors due to G29T's larger memory capacity, complicated and numerous operating parameters.
For faster operation, minimize the use of "Write ALL/Read ALL" commands but use specific write/read commands as much as possible.

  • Before start cloning, PLEASE SAVE THE DATA ALWAYS as a backup. This beta version is not yet well tested with non-Japanese OS therefore operation may be unstable.
  • To edit memories, please use the Memory tab. Click on the line you wish to edit so that another editor window pops up. You may also use import/export function so that you can edit the memory data using common CSV format.
  • For the bank tab, you can set banks up to 50 but the total number of memory channels must always be 1000 in total. Please observe the right bottom column and make it 1000 before quit editing.
  • "Title Name" feature in the common setting tab replaces the animated opening image with up to 16 characters of your preference. Please leave it blank to use original animated image.
  • " About [FONT] menu : You may create characters or symbols of your preference using this feature and display them as fonts on G7's screen. Click [FONT] button on the Common-set tab to display the editor menu. Click on the square to make your own fonts. One square corresponds to one dot on the LCD. After the design is completed, save it by clicking the file menu in the tool-bar. To display the fonts, select the font you like, and assign a number using the pull-down box at the left. Click OK on the right. In the Title menu on the Common-set or in the Memory editing menu, there are 8 numeric buttons. These buttons corresponds the number you registered in the pull-down menu. When you press [1], instead of the character you created, [ ;1~] is displayed. You may create the fonts as much as you want, but you can register them up to 8 at a time, and OVERWRITES the previously registered fonts. For example you assigned a font ";-)" to the number 1 today and wrote " ;-) Hello" in the title. Next day, you assigned a font [@@] to the number 1 and edited a memory tag. In this case the memory tag will be all right but the title will become [@@Hello]. Perhaps the best way to manage these fonts would be that you make the memory data and font data together, keep them in a same sub-folder, so that when you load the memory file you also load the corresponding font file.
Sorry, please do not contact us for how to use the program, as the interface is very simple and does only the DJ-G29T programming. The updates will be posted here as soon as available.

In case you find a bug, please report to specifying your OS and OS language.

Please verify the version of your firmware before installation. To verify the version, key-lock the unit by pressing FUNC key for 2 seconds, then press [1] key for 10 times consecutive. Numbers shown on the display is the serial of the firmware. Just press any key to go back to the operation mode. You do not have to update the firmware if yours is higher than the firmware version posted on this website.

* I agree and accept all conditions explained by Alinco and download the Clone utility program.

Download DJG29T_CloneUtility_V1.00 (3.9MB)

Download Information:
Software name
DJ-G29T Clone utility
Download file name (3.9MB)
Supported model(s)
DJ-G29T firmware version 1.10T
DJ-G29T version V1.00

System requirements
5 MB or more free hard-disk space; 32 MB or more RAM; built-in USB or serial port
  • Microsoft Windows Seven Home/Pro (32/64-bit versions)
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic (32-bit version)
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit version)
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Business (32-bit version)
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise (32-bit version)
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate (32-bit version)
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional

Zipped file
Not permitted

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