ERW-7/8 Installation Information


Thank you for purchasing the PC connection cable ERW-7/8. This accessory is made to connect your Alinco products with a Windows PC to use Alinco's utility software for programming, editing and saving the data.

Prior to start using ERW-7/8, it is required that you install a driver-software provided by the supplier of the device used in the product. The details of the driver software is posted here.

We are sorry, but we don't support a step-by-step installation assistance of this driver software by phone or any other means. Therefore we recommend you to read the installation guide provided by FTDI before purchasing the ERW-7/8 to be confident that this device won't cause any trouble to your PC system. If you are not sure this device is usable or not with your PC system, we recommend you to use the ERW-4C, a serial port connection cable that does not require a driver installation.

NOTE: Windows Seven's default setting allows the OS to seek necessary drivers automatically. Please insert ERW-7/ERW-8 to an USB port before proceeding with the driver installation. If it recognizes the device and becomes usable, please skip the driver installation.

Alinco,Inc. Electronics Division

* Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation