The Policy and List Guidelines
Obsolete Items for Customer-Services

As factory, due to the unavailability of spare parts we sincerely apologize as we are no longer able to provide you any kind of repair service for below mentioned Alinco products:
Unfortunately, we may be unable to service your older Alinco products listed below, and due to lack of parts we can only feel more sorry if:

* We accept your product for repair and damage it by mistake. We can't replace it anymore.
* We repair it and return to you; but after a very short while it fails again, perhaps for another unrelated reason. Older products tend to have issues one after another once it's been opened for repair.

Other than lacking necessary materials for repairs, REMTronix as the official Alinco service-center, can't accept the repair request due to these reasons.

Your kind understanding and continued patronage is very much appreciated.

Thank you.

  • All power-supplies that the product code does not start with DT/DM
    (example: EP***/EPS****/ED***/EPD*** etc) and DM1350

  • All amateur radio equipment that the product code does not start with DJ/DR/DX
    (example: ALX**/ALR***/ALD*** etc)

  • FRS Radio DJ-S46

  • All linear amplifiers

  • Rotators, Roof-towers, SWR-meters, Antenna-couplers, Voice-repeaters and similar amateur-radio related devices of all kinds

  • Optional accessories of all kinds that a warranty-certificate is not included in the product.

We can't accept the request of repairs for below items (all versions T/E/MVT/MVZ etc), but we may still have limited spare parts for your own repair purposes.

Please contact here for part inquiry

Wide band communications receivers DJ-X1 / DJ-X5
Handheld transceivers DJ-100-120-220 / DJ160-460-162-462 / DJ-1000 / DJ-F1-F4-S1-S4 / DJ-C1-C4 / DJ-500-560-562-580-582 (Part stocks, especially mechanical ones, are very limited for these dual-band models)
Mobile transceivers DR-140-150-450 / DR-110-112-1200-119 / DR-410-412-419 / DR-510 / DR-570-572 / DR-590-592 / DR-599-600
HF transceivers DX-70
Power-supplies DM-112/120/130MV*

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